Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today's L.A. City Council Meeting CANCELED for Lack of Quorum (Just can't get 10 out of 15 people makin' $189,000 plus lifetime benefits into the room at the same time)

[Pictured: Get up and GET OUT...ALL OF YOU! Meeting CANCELED!]
Besides the gas money it cost Zuma Dogg's driver -- who drove from Hollywood to Venice, then all the way Downtown for today's L.A. City Council meeting -- imagine all the other money that was wasted when all city business on the table for the day had to be chucked, cause Los Angeles City Council just couldn't seem to be able to muster up 10 out of 15 people -- making $189,000 a year, each -- plus benefits, perks and pilferage.

Sorry to everyone else who took the day off (like the guy who was excited to drive ZD to the council meeting to see one in person) and everyone who showed up, and for all the business that went left undone. Hope you weren't negatively affected by council's lack of efficiency. (Is there any wonder why this city can't manage itself?)