Thursday, October 7, 2010

L.A. City News for Thursday, October 7, 2010 - L.A. CITY ATTORNEY OFFICE & COUNCIL PUT ON NOTICE Regarding MASSIVE Conflict of Interest at L.A. HOUSING DEPARMENT "Rent Escrow Program" (Is $2 Million Missing From City's Rent Escrow Account? Insiders Say, "YES!")

TIMES UP!: No, this isn't a blog post about L.A. Times bankruptcy proceedings. It's about TIME BEING UP FOR L.A. CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE & CITY COUNCIL regarding the matter of conflicts of interest at L.A. Housing Department and REAP outreach contractors. 

The conflict being, the Assistant GM of Housing Department (in charge of investigating REAP outreach contractors) IS the REAP outreach firm "L.A. Housing Law," contracted by the LOS ANGELES Housing Dept. 

Moreover, the L.A. Housing Dept Asst GM Robert A., who is also the contact name listed for "L.A. Housing Law" (the REAP outreach contractor hired by Housing Dept.) --  is also an attorney.

The same address is used for the L.A. Housing Law (REAP outreach firm) as Robert A.'s law office. (Robert being Asst GM of the L.A. Housing Dept.)

Any conflict in having someone hire himself as an outreach contractor to gather information on properties in L.A., then use the info to sue property owners? No problem! If anyone complains, it's the person pulling off the capers who is in charge of investigating it.
HERE IS POSTING of the memo from L.A. Housing Dept insiders on MASSIVE conflict of interest with REAP outreach contractor this post is based upon.

MORE (GAR)SHADINESS?: And is $2 million missing from the REAP account? 

And, in Eric Garcetti's district, is it impossible (98% impossible) for a property owner to get their money refunded back from the REAP (rent escrow) account, AFTER the city approves and promises the return of funds once the work has been completed and signed off on?

And now Zuma Dogg has returned to chambers over the issue. And the surface has only been scratched. 

Hopefully, this matter will be addressed by council and the city attorney's office will show up with their homework done, next time. EVEN IF IT MEANS A NON-FLASHING, NON-DIGITAL BILLBOARD HAS TO STAY UP FOR A FEW EXTRA DAYS! (This conflict is gonna cost more than the city can absorb, these days. And you cannot win. And will lose. And lose BIG! Then all the people who you hope will vote for you, WON'T.

AND NOW, the tweeted version of the above passage...then MORE L.A. CITY NEWS for Thursday, October 7, 2010. (Check back for more breaking news tweets later in the day.)

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