Monday, October 11, 2010

L.A. City News Update for Monday, October 11, 2010 - Sally Choi (L.A. Pension Manager) QUITS LACERS, Just As Massive Work To Be Done (NOT A GOOD SIGN SINCE SALLY IS "TOPS") Probably Too Much Integrity AND Unions Better Get Ready to GIVE BACK, OR ELSE!!!

Main story being covered by L.A. City News is the "conflict of interest" (legalese for "corruption") at L.A. Housing Dept over Rent Escrow and Outreach Contractors hired by the City of Los Angeles. Council addressed the issue during the July 21, 2010 council meeting (Item 37) and was followed up by Zuma Dogg on Friday (October 8, 2010) based on a memo provided by L.A. Housing Dept personnel. See this blog for streaming audio, video & blog posts that will explain in detail and better inform you to the matter. 

Here is the rest of L.A. City News, Politics & Commentary for Monday, October 11, 2010. Most notable: The great Sally Choi, manager of LACERS (L.A. employee pension fund) is quitting on short notice after a wave of demands were called for on the announcement that one-third of all city dollars are headed to pay for pensions of retired workers. Leaving the city with only two-thirds to operate, when they are already having trouble doing that.

Choi's resignation is not a good sign, cause Sally is amazing, and if she is "walkin'" -- that means there must be a cog in the system...UNLESS, SALLY WAS THE COG that wouldn't go along with the shady pension machine. Secondly, for Monday: Is market research showing the general public is fed up with unions who refuse to make pension concessions with EXISTING EMPLOYEES? L.A. Mayor Villaraiogsa has announced plans to throw a pension reform measure on the next ballot -- allowing all the common folk in L.A. to CUT AWAY AT THE UNION PENSIONS, MUCH MORE SEVERELY THAN WHAT THEY COULD HAVE PUT BACK IN THE COOKIE JAR, AS A "THROW 'EM A BONE' CONCESSION. Doubt they'll budge. However, one way or the other...IT'S GETTIN' CUT!


  • RT@villaraigosa: CicLAvia was a big success. Hope it helps shift LA away from a car culture to a brighter, more sustainable future. (LMFAO!) 11 minutes ago
  • RT@villaraigosa: What a beautiful day! Looking at amazing CicLAvia pics.(Well that makes the rest of us feel just GREAT! Glad you're happy!) 12 minutes ago
  • WHEN U LISTEN to council meeting on Housing Dept conflicts and Housing Staffer boasts of new changes, admittance problem has been occurring. 59 minutes ago
  • L.A. COUNCIL was warned on effects of increased density in dead economy: Zine's Woodland Hills sees spike in crime. about 2 hours ago
  • L.A. CITY ATTORNEY CARMEN TRUTANICH campaigned on busting city corruption. The L.A. Housing Dept REAP scandal is practically a "gimme" putt. about 4 hours ago
  • READER COMMENT: Duffies007, "Best local news source in LA. Thank you ZumaDogg." (Response to "ZD Exposes Housing Dept Corruption" video.) about 6 hours ago
  • IS THE CORRUPTION at L.A. HOUSING DEPARTMENT and REAP (RENT ESCROW ACCOUNT) the NIGHTMARE Council & Mayor have been scared of being exposed? about 7 hours ago
  • IS IT TRUE that once the city agrees a property owner has made REAP improvements and money is to be returned, only way to get it is to sue? about 7 hours ago
  • LA CITY NEWS hears that $2 MILLION DOLLARS is missing and un-accounted for in L.A. REAP (Rent Escrow) Account. Maybe DA office can find it. about 7 hours ago
  • For 1st time in his four yrs as activist, Zuma Dogg will be making his 1st trip to D.A.'s Public Integrity Office over L.A. Housing Asst GM. about 7 hours ago
  • Did Mayor Anotonio Villaraigosa appoint Roberto A to L.A. Housing Dept as Asst. GM? Did Council approve it? They better fix THEIR mess! about 7 hours ago
  • OBAMA HATES HIM!: Villaraigosa-Obama meeting scheduled Monday: Villaraigosa among several officials scheduled. about 7 hours ago
  • About the most slam dunk vote EVER would NOW be a vote of public to CUT THE HELL out of labor pensions. BETTER NOT PUSH IT! PUBLIC FED UP! 1 day ago
  • If labor unions stay greedy and short sighted, voters will crack down much worse than anything they should have smartly agreed to. WATCH IT! 1 day ago
  • Council demands city pension reform - Faced with spiraling costs for city pensions, City Council President Eric Garcetti 1 day ago
  • Stern looks of concern. (What ZD saw as he looked at L.A. Council horseshoe while delivering Housing Dept conflict info. Looks of terror!) 1 day ago
  • CAN 3 LEGGED TABLE STAND ON 2 LEGS?: L.A. announces 33% (1/3) of every city dollar will be going to pension bailout. Can't operate as it is! 1 day ago
  • HERE IS LINK TO the memo detailing L.A. Housing Dept CORRUPTION allegations as discussed by ZD before Council on Friday. 1 day ago
  • WHY L.A. ACTIVISTS ALWAYS LOSE: L.A. announces 1/3 of every city $ will be going to the pension bailout, but you talk about everything else. 1 day ago
  • I don't think LACERS' SALLY CHOI quitting to "pursue other interests" was a free-spirit decision like when ZD quit NY radio for CA beaches. 1 day ago
  • LACERS' SALLY CHOI told council staff must work round-the-clock to barely get work done on reduced staff. Now SALLY quit. GRANDE PROBLEMOS! 1 day ago
  • Do you have ANY idea what a state of disarray LACERS will be in now that manager SALLY CHOI is suddenly "quitting?" Not a good sign, mayor. 1 day ago
  • LACERS Pension Manager Sally Choi RESIGNING! She didn't just wake up and suddenly decide to purse new career path! 1 day ago
  • L.A. schools chief Cortinez threatens to quit, then rescinds threat made over proposal he thinks is too costly 2 days ago
  • L.A. City News NEW VIDEO from City Hall for Friday, October 8, 2010 (Kamala Harris & Villaraiogsa @ Press Event and ... 2 days ago
  • L.A. City Council approves a $3.5 MILLION lawsuit settlement. CM Jose Huizar recuses himself from vote. Wonder what HE had to do with it? 2 days ago
  • VIDEO Pt 2 (En Espanol): L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa being interviewed for TV news @ Kamala Harris event on school truancy. 2 days ago
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  • NOW STREAMING: Zuma Dogg @ today's L.A. City Council meeting exposing MASSIVE Housing Dept conflict of interest. City will lose BIG lawsuit! 2 days ago
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  • RT @LANow: Manager of L.A. city employee pension fund to resign 2 days ago