Tuesday, October 12, 2010

L.A. CITY NEWS (10/12/10 - 10 PM UPDATE) Sad, Sad Commenarty From Students @ LAUSD Board Meeting, Council Meeting CANCELED & L.A. City Pension Fund LOSES another $700 Million (-5.7%) As 1/3 of EVERY CITY DOLLAR To Go To PENSION BAILOUT (L.A. to COLLAPSE!)

[Pictured: A local L.A. activist reminds you, "Don't litter!" Picture taken 10/12/10 in Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti's district. Quality Management Department might suggest, "bigger trash cans." I have a bigger on in my own kitchen.]

L.A. CITY NEWS (10/12/10 - 10 PM UPDATE)
  • CALIFORNIA GUBERNATORIAL DEBATE TAKE: If you like Meg Whitman, you probably felt she won. If you like Jerry Brown, you probably felt he won. less than a minute ago
  • RT @cnn: Fears of global currency war rise http://bit.ly/aAxxZH (WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? L.A. City's GENERAL FUND tied to Wall St. via LACERS [pension fund]). a minute
  • "PIPELINE TO PRISON": What teen LAUSD grads called the school system today at board meeting. "Prison prep" also used. MORE than a crisis. 2 minutes ago
  • If you believe the kids who showed up at Tues LAUSD board meeting, the district has become "prison prep" &amp with teachers expelling too many kids. 5 minutes ago
  • Monday was an official LAUSD holiday (day off) but teens complained LAPD issued tickets to kids out of school, anyway. Hard times for kids. 7 minutes ago
  • LAUSD teens appeared before board to claim "zero tolerance" policy means too many kids simply getting kicked out on a short trigger for teacher convenience. minutes ago
  • SAD COMMENTS @ LAUSD meeting as teens show up to claim school isn't "college" prep, but "prision" prep. More probation cops than counselors. 12 minutes ago
  • LAUSD board meetings getting a little testy as M Lamotte felt a vote today was illegal. Too many things seem to be waiting till 11th hour. 14 minutes ago
  • Is more than just plain "residency" going to be an issue in the next CD 14 L.A. City Council election in March 2011? 20 minutes ago
  • TOP LA CITY NEWS: LACERS reports $700 million loss (-5.7%) & Several Million $$$ UNACCOUNTED for @ Housing Dept amidst conflict allegations. 52 minutes ago
  • CITY CONTROLLER WENDY GREUEL: Please ask L.A. Housing Dept GM Roberto A to please account for the SEVERAL MILLION UNACCOUNTED FOR DOLLARS! about an hour ago
  • Not sure moms who move to U.S. because they get increased welfare benefits per kid realize it's NOT supposed to be incentive to have kids. about an hour ago
  • During today's televised Gubernatorial debate on NBC, Tom Brokaw asked about the L.A. Pension Crisis: NOT NIMBY Neighborhood Council funds. about an hour ago
  • Today, Tom Brokaw specifically mentioned L.A.'s pension crisis during televised Gov debate. Where did you first hear of L.A. pension crisis? about 2 hours ago
  • BREAKING: Valley Village slaying suspect captured in Mexico http://lat.ms/bf2IkE about 3 hours ago
  • Villar-backed LASUD boardmember Yoli Flores-Aguilar NOT running for re-election in '11. 26 yr LAUSD retired teacher announces candidacy. about 3 hours ago
  • NBC4: Man arrested after sneaking into Paris Hilton's gated community and knocking on her front door. (Halloween is on the 31st, not 12th!) about 4 hours ago
  • RT @LANow: $1.6-million county project approved to replace sand on Venice Beach http://lat.ms/9qTKEO (Anything to keep spending money.) about 4 hours ago
  • BUDGET CUT IMPACTS: Trash overflow in L.A. City Council President @EricGarcetti District. (What if he's mayor?) http://twitpic.com/2x4h71 about 4 hours ago
  • GIVE THEM A MEDAL & KEYS TO THE CITY: Council is using 101 band stunt that blocked 101 as reason meeting was canceled. CONGRATS, FELLAZ! about 4 hours ago
  • RT @BarackObama: "You guys give me confidence. You guys give me hope." (What's it gonna give you when you lose House in November elections?) about 4 hours ago
  • COUNCIL MEETING CANCELED: Pres Garcetti didn't wanna wait another 5 minutes but they waste HOURS kissing butt & repeating each others words. about 4 hours ago
  • Did you see the band that pulled a mobile stage onto the 101S, cutting off morning rush hour traffic COMPLETELY. Publicity, YES! Jail, YES! about 7 hours ago
  • BREAKING NEWS: LA County Supervisors pass ordinance for grading of food trucks & food carts. (Get ready for complaints of discrimination.) about 7 hours ago
  • Today's L.A. City Council Meeting CANCELED for Lack of Quorum (Just can't get 10 out of 15 people makin' $189,000 pl... http://ow.ly/19pPSO about 7 hours ago
  • After telling law enforcement officer that Alarcon will be stepping down to avoid jail, cop said, "You mean stepping down IN ADDITION..." about 7 hours ago
  • Even their inefficiency is inefficient: "Bad News Bears" of Councils (LA City Council) can't even muster enough members for a meeting today. about 7 hours ago
  • Don't miss the debate tonight on NBC at 6:30pm! Additional details here http://www.cagovdebate.com/ about 8 hours ago
  • RT @latimes: Dow up 10, or 0.09%, to close at 11,020. S&P 500 up 4 to 1,170. Nasdaq up 15 to 2,418.http://lat.ms/add2Id about 8 hours ago
  • L.A. City Council owes Zuma Dogg gas money for his wasted round trip to the City Council meeting that was CANCELED. THEY couldn't make it! about 9 hours ago
  • L.A. City Council CANCELS meeting due to lack of quorum. Just couldn't get 10 people making all that money in the room at the same time. about 9 hours ago
  • Los Angeles City News for Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - MORE L.A. Housing Dept Corruption Allegations (Is SEVERAL MILL... http://ow.ly/19pcHD about 20 hours ago
  • LA Pension fund (LACERS) reports a $700 MILLION (5%) LOSS for June compared to same previous period. EXPECTED GAINS! LACERS manager resigns. about 21 hours ago