Monday, December 17, 2012

KABC-7 Highlight Video of 2013 L.A. Mayoral Forum; Paul Koretz vs Neighborhood Council Founder/Boardmember MARK MATTHEW HERD

The Los Angeles mayoral debate was held Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles. The debate was hosted by the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters in partnership with the League of Women Voters.

ABC7 Eyewitness News anchor Marc Brown moderated the debate, with questions generated by the League of Conservation Voters.

The four candidates who led in fundraising participated in the debate, including Councilman Eric Garcetti, City Controller Wendy Greuel, Councilwoman Jan Perry and former assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin James.

A moment of silence was held before the debate got underway in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place in Newtown, Conn., on Friday. Among the items discussed during the debate included the safety of Los Angeles schools and solutions to reducing gun violence, and all four candidates expressed their sorrow for the victims throughout the night.

But it appeared the creation of jobs and a green economy took center stage.

"I have a plan to clean our air, and our water, and to create 20,000 local jobs -- good jobs, green jobs," said Garcetti. [ZD: WAY to connect with voters. In a recent poll, ""I have a plan to clean our air, and our water," came up #213 in issues people are most concerned about, this year. And you already LOST the jobs, so the second part is fantasy hot-air, if not total flat-out, shameless bullshit.]

The candidates also played up their accomplishments in office. Perry noted the creation of two wetlands in South Los Angeles, and Greuel played up her developments on solar power. [SOLAR POWER? #1 priority of NO ONE, except we now know Wendy is obviously backed by solar money. SOME PRIORITY! THAT'S GONNA KEEP COPS ON THE STREET, AND THE FIRE DEPARTMENT SHOWING UP?]

But outsider Kevin James contends he's the one to provide new leadership.

"The city has never developed a comprehensive environmental sustainability plan," he said. [Oh, no...THAT'S what they quoted. Zzzzzzzz.]

[WATCH THE VIDEO FOR ALL THE OTHER PHONY B.S. THAT MEANS NOTHING IN REALITY, but makes people feel like they know what they will be getting with each candidate...and remember, it ALL comes true. Just, whatever you do...DON'T VOTE FOR WENDY OR ERIC! - ZD]

The election for Los Angeles mayor is March 3, 2012. Coverage at CANDIDATE PROFILE of the candidate who comes off,  "most mayoral":


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Los Angeles City Council District 5 

As to be listed on ballot by L.A. City Clerk - Elections Division for March 05, 2013 election:

Mark Matthew Herd (Neighborhood Council Boardmember)
Paul Koretz (City Councilmember)

THIS WILL BE FUN!: Here is Mark Matthew Herd asking L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa about the mayor's PENSION COMMISSIONERS, who lost BILLIONS in city general fund; with many of them now resigning, or in jail. HE CRUSHES OBAMA'S PUPPET, ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, IN THIS PACKED TOWN HALL AUDITORIUM! HANG ON, PAUL KORETZ!

SEE POST: Los Angeles City Council Elections: Neighborhood Counci Boardmember MARK MATTHEW HERD -- ONLY CANDIDATE Challenging Incumbent "Pumpkin-Head" Councilman Paul Koretz [WATCH MARK HERD IN ACTION -- AS HE CRUSHES VILLARAIGOSA Before PACKED Town Hall Meeting!]


Featured Article: Dec. 17, 2012

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