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Mon Dec 17 2012 - Los Angeles City News, Talk, Politics [L.A. City Hall PENSION FUND (LACERS) RICO RACKETERING EXPOSED, Plus ALL Cerrtified Ballot Information for ALL L.A. City Elections via

Featured Article: Dec. 17, 2012 #1 SHADY/CORRUPT L.A. ISSUE: New article by (Check out their site. Have done A LOT for people in L.A.! And have provided this blog with TOP information, that @ZumaDogg has found, makes L.A. City Council PANIC MOST. Which is why ZD leads with it, and YOU should be aware of it.) Mercedes Marquez reinstated as General Manager of the LAHD - Bad News for Housing in City of LA

The HISTORY of Los Angeles City Hall PENSION FRAUD (Connect The Dots BLUEPRINT: Pension Fraud 101 for Barack Obama, Eric Holder, FBI...ALL INCLUDED in "DUMMIES!" cc: list.)

To: U.S. President Barack Obama
Cc: U.S. AG Eric Holder, SEC, FBI
Dt: December 17, 2012
Fr: Los Angeles City News - Los Angeles Daily Blog []
Re: Los Angeles City Pension Fund Fraud (City Now BROKE! DETAILS HERE!)

Click here for "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points": "Well Done." - Dr. W. Edwards Deming; "Fabulous" - Anthony Robbins; "I enjoyed it, very much." - Bob Pittman (CEO/Clear Channel) ["Quality & Productivity" videos based on this.

@ZumaDogg Tweets on L.A. City Politics [2013 L.A. City Elections -- And ALL BLOG POSTS for Monday, Dec. 17, 2012: Watch KABC-7 Highlight Replay of 2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate Forum, HERE! []

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ZumaDogg: Watch KABC-7 Highlight Video of 2013 L.A. Mayoral Forum; Paul Koretz vs CD 5 Neighborhood Council Founder/Boardmember:
Mon Dec 17 - 2:39:42 am

ZumaDogg: 500+ PAGE VIEWS=1am-5am, last night! Music/comedy/politics blog: YouTube/Soundclick/Holiday/Club music: NEW CONTENT.
Mon Dec 17 - 2:14:08 am

ZumaDogg: @CApolitico @GregSmith2013 @DragnetLA: Have 800 people register under on building, somewhere, always helps, too! Norwalk doesn't check.
Mon Dec 17 - 1:53:16 am

ZumaDogg: @CApolitico I'm just not sure @GregSmith2013 is willing to go the extent of election/voter fraud these ASSembly candidates do. #Dispicable
Mon Dec 17 - 1:46:52 am

ZumaDogg: 2013 L.A. City Attorney Election=Easiest "No-Brainer" to call: "Mike Feuer": Trutanich is SPENT/No machine left. Feuer=Assembly backing.
Mon Dec 17 - 1:37:55 am

ZumaDogg: Posted DOPEST, Soundclick jazzy, funk beat @ LADailyBlog: GREAT to listen to for HOLIDAY VIBE! Plus embedded jukebox
Mon Dec 17 - 1:31:46 am

ZumaDogg: Listening to 2 minute video of L.A. Mayoral forum, MOST OBVIOUS=Solar/Green industry Greuel/Garcetti's #1 backers. At
Mon Dec 17 - 1:07:18 am

ZumaDogg: L.A. City: 2013 Election ballot was released Friday; and KABC-7 Mayoral forum was last night: Blog post on BOTH @
Mon Dec 17 - 12:01:58 am

ZumaDogg: Listening to 2 minute video of L.A. Mayoral forum, MOST OBVIOUS: Solar/Green industry Greuel/Garcetti's #1 backers. At
Sun Dec 16 - 11:00:08 pm

ZumaDogg: NEW: VOTE NOW on L.A. Daily Blog's, "2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate Poll." Certified candidate list poll, NOW POSTED @
Sun Dec 16 - 10:38:20 pm

ZumaDogg: @LAVotes2013 Thanks for follow! Ur account looks good.You'll kinda be my official source for LA City Election tweets at
Sun Dec 16 - 9:42:49 pm

ZumaDogg: I KNOW it's been ALL OVER THE ROAD, but I straighten out my and has NEW L.A. City Election posts:
Sun Dec 16 - 5:46:13 pm

ZumaDogg: (Introducing) "Zuma Dogg": Best of "The Zuma Dogg Show" [Embedded Player] - "Brain-Seizing Artistry. An L.A. Cable T...
Sun Dec 16 - 5:40:21 pm

ZumaDogg: L.A. City: The 2013 Election ballot was released Friday; and KABC-7 Mayoral forum was last night: Blog post on BOTH @
Sun Dec 16 - 5:34:44 pm

ZumaDogg: KABC-7 L.A. City Mayor Candidate Forum Recap & Paul Koretz FORCED to run a re-election campai...
Sun Dec 16 - 11:30:51 am

ZumaDogg: Guess there's demand for it?: 500+ views on on (overnight) 2a-5a hours, based on 2 new L.A. City Council blog posts.
Sun Dec 16 - 7:49:51 am

ZumaDogg: Los Angeles City News for Sunday, December 16, 2012: Watch KABC-7 Highlights on L.A. Mayoral Election & Meet L.A. Ci...
Sun Dec 16 - 7:27:38 am

ZumaDogg: WATCH HERE: 2013 L.A. City Mayoral Campaign Debate Highlights on KABC 7: Jan Perry, Kevin James, Wendy Greuel & Eric...
Sun Dec 16 - 6:22:06 am

ZumaDogg: #WendyGreuel will NOT be next Mayor of Los Angeles. She simply just does NOT connect on the big stage. NOTHING she can do. Trait of a phony.
Sun Dec 16 - 5:56:28 am

ZumaDogg: Haven't seen a THING on '13 L.A. City Mayoral election, until the 2:00 KABC video @ LADailyBlog, today. "Most-Mayoral"=@JanPerry. Undisputed
Sun Dec 16 - 5:54:42 am

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