Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Venice Beach Activist Calls For LAPD Payroll & Pension Cuts To SAVE CITY SERVICES in BUDGET CRISIS (S.O.S. - SAVE OUR SERVICES!)

It's the moment they have been hoping to avoid...ZUMA DOGG taking the day of City Council meetings -- to get all up in the LAPD police commissioner meeting. ZD has always said, "Police & Fires are LAST to cut," but, when I see that the FIRE departments are taking all the cuts -- AND WHEN I SEE HOW LAPD allocated their precious resources on BULLSHIT like (UN-SUCCESSFUL) undercover sting operations on Matt Dowd, Tony B. and others at Venice -- and how they continue to be nothing more than a petty, vindictive department enforcing their own personal beefs...THERE IS PLENTY TO CUT!!! (START THERE, CITY COUNCIL!) Then, LAPD can then get back to CORE functions of PROVIDING PUBLIC SAFETY TO THE COMMUNITY.

Here is video of Zuma Dogg calling for budget cuts at LAPD to prevent the loss of all other services and closures of other departments OVER LAPD OVER-INFLATED PAYROLL (AND UNDER-INFLATED EFFICIENCY.) MEANWHILE, when I look around at all the stuff LAPD REFUSES to enforce, it makes me sick. MUST BE AN OVER-SIZED POLICE FORCE WITH PLENTY OF PERSONNEL & RESOURCES TO WASTE ON MEANINGLESS NUTTINESS @ VENICE BEACH.