Wednesday, September 29, 2010

L.A. City News 11 O'Clock News Update for Wednesday, September 29, 2010 (See Whitman's Maid's Documents HERE)

L.A City News Channel: Breaking news tweets as they come across wire, blog posts & streaming audio/video on L.A. City. less than a minute ago

POLITICAL POLL WATCH: Leads for Brown and Boxer in CNN/Time Poll widening. 13 minutes ago

BREAKING: Here is PDF file provided to media by Whitman campaign suggesting Nicky Diaz Santillan (maid) lied to Whitman. 50 minutes ago

THE MORE THEY SEEM TO GET TO KNOW HER: If you believe the polls, CNN poll reports Jerry Brown now leads Whitman by 9%! Was even, last week. about an hour ago

"The City of L.A. needs to grow up and focus on what really matters." - L.A. Depty Mayor Austin Beutner. (Proven international biz results.) about an hour ago

MEG WHITMAN, MOST UN-QUALIFIED, NON-LEADER?: Stating obvious, conventional wisdom doesn't take brains and isn't (cont) about an hour ago

A REAL economic comeback thru job creation is a Bill Gates developing Microsoft or a Mark Zuckerberg creating facebook. NOT Govt projects. about 21 hours ago

LA CITY NEWS SUPPORTS BIKING IN L.A.: Too bad there will never be bike lanes. Can't lose more road space for autos as congestion increases. about 2 hours ago

INVESTIGATIVE NEWS MEDIA: To see 5 page memo from L.A. Housing Dept about REAP outreach conflict of interest, email: about 2 hours ago

L.A. CITY NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Detailed memo from L.A. Housing Dept detailing conflict of interest of outreach contractor circulating @ Council. about 2 hours ago

JOB CREATION toward the goal of economic recovery is through new innovations of products & services. NOT thru Govt spending on projects. about 21 hours ago

RT @LANow: LAPD releases video of attempted purse snatching in Venice (See the future of L.A. in this video.) about 4 hours ago

RT @Schwarzenegger: Congratulations! “@KSchwarzenegger: Made best sellers list! #15! Let's sell more!” http://AMAZON/url (Push BUDGETwork!) about 4 hours ago

Stocks Fall, Gold Stays Above (record-level) $1,300: Stocks stumbled modestly Wednesday. Gold remained @ record levels: about 4 hours ago

FIORINA'S AD COULD BACKLASH: Upon first hearing Boxer say, "I worked SO hard for (Senator) title," sounded bad. But one may say, "She DID!" about 4 hours ago

RT @LANow: Altering of McCourts' marital agreement not grounds for throwing it out, attorney argues (It's NOT?) about 4 hours ago

RT @LANow: Whitman ignored letters from Social Security Administration alerting her to mismatch of social security numbers, Allred says about 10 hours ago

RT @LANow: The nanny, who worked for Whitman for 9 years, was illegal immigrant. Whitman never asked for documents, atty Gloria Allred says. about 10 hours ago

Whitman says housekeeper falsified docs. Fired her when she found out she was illegal - "hardest thing I've ever done" about 10 hours ago

If you like new style and look of give a RT and email link to others. New political news blog streaming audio & video. about 22 hours ago