Tuesday, September 28, 2010

L.A. City News for Wednesday, September 29, 2010 (Watch Video Replay of CA Gubernatorial Debate & L.A. Council Grassroots Candidate Forum - http://LACityNews.com)

VIDEO PLAYBACK: CA GOV DEBATE between Jerry Brown & Meg Whitman (9/28/10). Watch each segment (round), blow-by-blow here. http://ow.ly/2Luon 24 minutes ago

RT @KFIAM640: HERE IT IS: Well, at least part of it. John and Ken Voter Guide - Ballot Props. More to come! http://bit.ly/dhdCsV about 2 hours ago

MEDIA SEEMS TO FEEL: Brown Scores Clear Victory in Tonight's Gubernatorial Debate - http://t.co/X46KRSc about 2 hours ago

City Council bans supergraphics from Hollywood, but digital signs still OK http://lat.ms/bhQEZp (It was DIGITAL signs people complained of.) about 9 hours ago

JOSE HUIZAR CD 14 ELECTION ALERT: $100 Million Ride?: Everyone Wants a Broadway Streetcar. The Question Is, How Much Will the Public Have to Pay?: http://bit.ly/de7god about 10 hours ago

RT @michaellinder: New study by LAANE: 1.56 million now living in poverty in Los Angeles. http://is.gd/fyeqR about 10 hours ago

NOW STREAMING: Audio stream of "L.A. Clean Sweep" candidate event from Saturday 9/25/10. http://LACityNews.com. (Site revamped!) about 11 hours ago

LA TIMES: Obama renews call to remove underperforming teachers, lengthen school year. In 'Today' show (cont) http://tl.gd/684ipn about 22 hours ago

LA TIMES: Former L.A. labor leader investigated Probe focuses on consulting fees paid by one ex-SEIU official to another. http://ow.ly/2KSNh about 22 hours ago

CD 6 L.A. Council Candidate DAVID BARRON on Transparency & Bell Type Scandal Prevention - (9/25/07 Candidate (cont) http://tl.gd/68478f about 23 hours ago

Beutner saved L.A. $263 mil in first month on job. Wall Street would have given standing ovation. Not a word or mention from City/Council. about 23 hours ago

"It's NOT going to happen in a classroom of 50 or 60 kids." - Austin Beutner on creating change at LAUSD with 50-60 kids per classroom. about 23 hours ago

Welcome to LACityNews.com - Covering L.A. City Hall & Upcoming Council Elections. Bookmark the page. Subscription link at bottom. 1 day ago

LA City Vice-Mayor Austin Beutner (overseeing 13 city depts, not that that's bad) said, "LAUSD is too big to manage," on KABC radio, today. 1 day ago

TOP CITY ISSUE EMERGING QUICKLY: Venice homeless & RV issue. Quickly escalating as some residents stick "GET OUT NOW" fliers on vehicles. 1 day ago

MEMO: Conflict of Interest Allegations at Los Angeles Housing Department (City Council WAITING for City Attorney's L... http://ow.ly/19boL2 1 day ago

Friday's announcement that Downtown Art Walk was CANCELED now called an unauthorized statement by "former director." - http://ow.ly/2Kg4N 1 day ago


TRANSCRIPT - DAVID BARRON at L.A. City Council Candidate Forum (09/25/10): Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm (cont) http://tl.gd/67krsf 1 day ago

Los Angeles City Council Candidate Profile: David Barron in CD 6 to REPLACE Current Incumbent TONY CARDENAS (Need We...http://ow.ly/19aPfQ 2 days ago

CD6 TONY CARDENAS is TOP incumbent that MUST GO! DAVID BARRON had REAL, IMPRESSIVE solutions at candidate forum: http://barron4cc.com/site 2 days ago

5 pg memo by frustrated LA Housing Dept staff now circulating on REAP conflict of interest as addressed by City Attorney's office @ Council. 2 days ago