Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Support L.A. Political Activism by Donating to THIS Non-Profit Organization with THIS PayPal Button [Support LADailyBlog.com & @ZumaDogg Blogging via Scrutinized Non-Profit Org in L.A.]

MANY have said they wanna help support Zuma Dogg's blogging/activism in City of Los Angeles, if they could donate through a non-profit organization.


L.A. Fair Housing Coalition wants ZD's blogging at TOP-NOTCH level, and will support ZD, to keep it pumpin', 24/7/365; if YOU donate with this PayPal button, that is NOT ZD's PayPal button.

The money goes DIRECTLY to the non-profit organization. They do BIG ACTIVISM at City Hall, too, and I have known LAFHC since I started activism, six years ago -- and they have provided ZD with the information that has made L.A. City Hall MOST NUTZ...YOU have loved hearing me rant about -- and Carmen Trutanich even had to meet with this group, where he turned BEET RED, while shouting at them, like a bully! CITY HALL HATES THIS GROUP!!! ZUMA DOGG LOVES 'EM!

And this is a great way to help create added L.A. City political activism synergy -- just as we head into 2013 L.A. City Elections.

If you check LADailyBlog.com - LACityNews.com  blog, TODAY, this is about the way it looks/will be looking.

Also will be marketing under LACity2013.com -- LACityElections.com -- LAMayoralElection.com -- and other names that look good on Google search engines. AND, ZD has been testing marketing/internet techniques, learned through music industry internet methods -- and this week's test market, of ZD's LADailyBlog.com, is producing RECORD LEVEL PAGE VIEWS, THROUGHOUT THE DAY -- NIGHT & OVERNIGHT HOURS. Wanna keep it PUMPIN' for 2013 L.A. City Elections. ZD has a  6 year body of material and background in this arena -- and is ready to TURBO-BLAST it via blog. LET'S DO THIS!

Have fun...and even donate, just a buck, to let us know you want ZD to hit the TURBO-BOOSTER on the blog.