Monday, December 17, 2012 15 HOTTEST BLOG POSTS on L.A. City Hall RICO-RACKETEERING/MAFIA CORRUPTION ("Best of L.A. Daily Blog - 2012")

HIP-HOP POLITICAL BANGER about L.A. City Hall and WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY FOR CITY SERVICES! It HAPPENED IN YOUR CITY, TOO -- AND ACROSS THE U.S.A. Grammy-nominated Producer music track. Public Enemy meets AC/DC with ZD's fake Snoop Dogg. PUBLIC COMMENT ROCK! "Broken Promises" - @ZumaDogg:
"Broken Promises" - @ZumaDogg: Download

Watch L.A. City Council Candidate Mark Matthew Herd GRILL Villaraigosa with FLAMING HARDBALL QUESTION to L.A. Mayor (Obama Puppet/Mascot) Antonio Villaraigosa on his PENSION COMMISSION FRAUD! BIG SHOT DUMMY MAYOR=STUNNED=Hummana, hummana! Mark Matthew Herd is ONLY candidate on ballot vs CD 05 L.A. City Councilmember "Pothole" Paul Koretz. (NOT a very good ballot designation.) NOW, Mr. Koretz must run a campaign, and be held accountable for his (non) actions, and even worse -- his actions (votes), as L.A. City Councilmember, during it's most disasterous flounder. Mr. Herd is FOUNDER/Boardmember of CD 05/Westwood Neighborhood Council -- AND got on the ballot, 100% grassroots, without paying for signatures. Here's the guy on the tee, to take out ONE L.A. City Councilmember with a record of proven failure. WATCH THIS! LOL!