Thursday, November 29, 2012

@ZumaDogg [#ZumaDogg] L.A. City News ( Update for 11-29-12: L.A. City Pension/Budget Crisis Can ONLY Mean ONE THING...AND, ZD Weighs In on WHICH Mayoral Candidate Would Get EATEN ALIVE in OFFICE -- PLUS, "How To FiX L.A." Video Webinar (Quality & Productivity)

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L.A. budget-recovery dream long-shot=fell WAY shorter than budgeted. COPS/FIRE=70% of payroll. LAFD CAN'T be cut. #LAPD=DEEP CUTS=DO MATH
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NOW: FORGET commercial/corporate CRAP on TV. Most entertaining music/comedy/political videos in, U.S. history, now @
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15 beats for $19.99=$1.33 per beat. RAPPERS/R&B/POP STARS=U CANNOT BE MORE RADIO READY for under $ @yu_cbeats BUY!
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I'm former Hot100 Director/programmed club shows in TOP 10 RADIO MARKETS. THIS GOES RIGHT ON AIR, AS IS! @yu_c Beats
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It doesn't give me PLEASURE to say given LAPD/LAFD=70% of L.A. payroll/pensions, and can't cut FIRE/EMS, #LAPD IS GONNA GET CUT DEEP in '13.
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L.A. CITY NEWS: W/Riordan PENSION REFORM measure pulled, @ZumaDogg declares DEEP CUTS TO #LAPD=ONLY OPTION. FIRE/COPS=70% of L.A. payroll.
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@mayorsam DUDE, you're my favorite comedian, tonight, about L.A. City SINKHOLES! They can fill em w their B.S.!
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@mayorsam AWE YEAH! Thanks for RT and U R on CD2 JACKHAMMER ROLL! LOL!
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L.A. CITY POLITICAL NEWS TWEET: @ZumaDogg posts, "How To FIX L.A. City" 14 Pt Plan & Video Webinar series, today,
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As we head into LATE NIGHT LOSER NETWORK PROGRAMMING=Do nothing sitting behind desk; @ZumaDogg WIPES EM ALL AWAY @ REAL
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@ZumaDogg BLOWS #JonStewart #DailyShowOUT OF WATER w ONE PUFF Not a DO NOTHING=sitting behind desk and 15 writers.
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DEBUT OF ICON: @ZumaDogg on#HowardStern - DEBUT OF ICON: @ZumaDoggon #HowardStern (2000): RECOGNIZED, NATIONALLY, ...
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@yu_cbeats ALRIGHT, BRO!!! Didn't see U are a beat producer. I'm listening to your page, GOOD-GOOD PRO SOUNDING STUFF!
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When #RedHotChiliPeppers did #Venice rooftop video shoot=LAPD cleared area. ONE ICON was ALLOWED to remain: VIDEO
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SUPERSTAR STATUS in L.A., allowed @ZumaDogg=#RedHotChiliPepper CLOSE UP ACCESS/walk to Venice rooftop stage w/Anthony:
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@yu_cbeats Thanks for asking. Have 12 yr music/comedy/politics legacy=now online Want U + world to HAVE 24/7 FUN! RT
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HILARIOUS DANCE POP FUN: @ZumaDoggmusic video, "#Madonna Holiday Dancing," on retro-beat like Madonna 1st
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Someone asked, "how long u been rappin', ZD." Since Run-DMC='83. @ZumaDogg=Dr. Dre/Beasties/Run-DMC/ChuckD age/ RT
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This is @ZumaDogg: Every elected/reporte - This is @ZumaDogg: Every elected/reporter/majority of L.A. knows I'm prop...
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@yu_cbeats '83, since debut of ALL KING GREATS, Run-DMC! A WHOLE NEW WORLD BEGAN! Also #PublicEnemy #NWA #Beasties#KurtisBlow ZD=Pioneers
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LOVE IT/HATE IT, THIS is "Quintessential @ZumaDogg," in mere typical fashion. MUSIC VIDEO FILMED @ VeniceBeach:
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#Deming sent praise ("Well Done") to my synopsis of his life work. His family=aware of my efforts=no support=removing his name from article.
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L.A.: City Council said="ZD did a lot for The People of L.A. A Crusader." U left me for DEAD/disabled & say="Don't know how to help"=COWARD!
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The degree of which I CARE UR feelings on my tweets is incalculable. ZD is YOUR HEROIC/GENIUS/PHENOM/CITY SAVIOR, and U left me for dead .I.
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LOVE L.A. Candidate KJames, AS CANDIDATE=to blast other candidates. He'd get EATEN ALIVE AS MAYOR=1st week.
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This is @ZumaDogg: Every elected/reporter/majority of L.A. knows I'm prophet who predicted ALL since '06. FUTURE=Deep Cuts to #LAPD=DO MATH!
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LOVE L.A. Mayoral Candidate KJames, but in THIS crisis=guy can't even find City Hall bathroom: Here's who NEEDS to
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The RIORDAN ballot option is OVER (ZD=wasn't fan), but REALITY IS=70% of L.A. payroll=#LAPD/#LAFD. CANNOT CUT FIRE. LAPD=DEEP, DEEP CUTS. RT