Monday, February 6, 2012

ZUMA DOGG SERVES L.A. CITY ATTORNEY TRUTANICH "30 Day Notice" of Lawsuit To Be Filed Over Venice 12 Mid Curfew, That L.A. Times says, "GOES TOO FAR!" ALSO: Trutanich BUSTED for LYING About Campaign Endorsements

AN AVALANCHE BACKLASH AGAINST L.A. CITY ATTORNEY CARMEN TRUTANICH, AS HE PREPARES TO ANNOUNCE L.A. DISTRICT ATTORNEY CAMPAIGN. But he's SO out of control...his campaign is OVER before it starts. YOU be the judge. And there WILL be one, because Zuma Dogg sent Trutanich 30 Day Notice, as required by law, for LAWSUIT to be filed, against his INSANE facetious 12midnight curfew on RESIDENTS who live and use Ocean Front Walk, in Venice. This CLOWN is TOAST in this TOWN!