Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Won't Be Any HIGH-FIVING at Trutanich's City Attorney Office Over Venice Beach Lawsuit (Mark Brown Tells You WRONG INFORMATION - AND YOU FALL FOR IT!)

Won't be any high-fiving out of Carmen Trutanich's city attorney's office on the Venice Beach lawsuit vs DOWD/DOGG.

Trutanich's office likes to listen to Mark Brown, and Mark Brown isn't very good at interpreting law. 

And at the same time, the City of Los Angeles STILL seems to want to take their chances in court (since I don't have a settlement check, yet), that a FEDERAL JUDGE is just as stupid as Mark Brown and doesn't know the law, either.

But Zuma Dogg knows the law and can tell you that Mark Brown gets things wrong -- and Mark Brown is the wrong basket in which to put your eggs.

I don't think I should sell my case short. Some of the stuff (law) the city THINKS they have on their side regarding issues at Venice Beach -- THEY DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE ON THEIR SIDE. AND I KNOW THEY DON'T...AND  I WILL EXPLOIT THAT IN SUMMARY JUDGMENT.

IT KEEPS GETTING MORE EXPENSIVE FOR L.A. CITY.  AND, ASK LAPD HOW IT WENT FOR THEM THIS WEEKEND VS ZUMA DOGG??? ANYTHING BUT A TOP SETTLEMENT OFFER WILL MOST LIKELY BE IMMEDIATELY REJECTED. You have MUCH less than you think you have, legally. And you have made MANY, MANY mistakes -- all along the way and continue to make NEW mistakes.

BUT, knowing the city, I have a feeling you are going to give me a (low) reason to take it all the way.  Remember the number I presented to you. There is NO reason that should have changed...EXCEPT FOR AN INCREASE -- since things keep getting worse for you.

And the more and more the city pisses me off in council chambers and on the boardwalk, the more I want to have a judge pummel you beyond recognition for a 100%, TOTAL ZUMA DOGG (VERY PUBLIC) VINDICATION...and about three or four times more money! (Plus, your hands will be even more tied on the boardwalk.)


Summary Judgment to be filed for on Wednesday.