Friday, November 5, 2010

WAS THERE ELECTION FRAUD in California ATTORNEY GENERAL Election? Were A LOT of ballots in Steve Cooley's L.A. County NOT Counted (As Kamala Harris Beats Cooley by 12% in his OWN DISTRICT?)

[Pictured: I just wanted to run this story so I could post a picture of the dreamiest law enforcer in the State. If you win, you should make a Kamala Harris "A.G. Calendar" and revenue could help close the budget gap. IT WOULD!]
It may have stunned some folks when Kamala Harris took razor thin lead in the California Attorney General Election this week. Especially since Harris beat L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley in his own L.A. County district by a whopping 12 percent.

Now it is being alleged that a heck of a lot of ballots were purposefully withheld from the count in L.A. County at the hands of some nefarious and shady f*cks.

The plan would have worked...EXCEPT, the scheme has been exposed because the vote count margin is within 1 percent, which will trigger a recount.

Now, considering the ballots are not LOST, but were alleged to simply be the re-count, they WILL be counted...and you can expect STEVE COOLEY to become the next Attorney General of California.

Had the vote have been MORE than a 1 percent margin -- and there would not have been a recount, the scheme would have been unexposed and gone unadjusted.

Perhaps some of us have a little more insight as to what has been happening in the California (LOS ANGELES) voting process. It's called ELECTION FRAUD, and I think we'd have an ENTIRELY different political landscape and therefore completely different economic and municipal circumstance, had it not been in effect all this time.