Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Los Angeles City News Update for Tuesday, October 19, 2010


NOW STREAMING - New half hour LA CITY NEWS RADIO for Tuesday, October 19, 2010: 

* City Hall will ask voters to cut pensions of new police & fire hires on March ballot.

* LAHD (Los Angeles Housing Deptartment) CORRUPTION ALLEGATION UPDATE (while FBI investigates LA Housing Developer for bribes & illegal campaign contributions of elected officials. Villaraigosa took money in election that won him mayoral victory.

* LAUSD set to vote, "yes" on $320 million in construction money, on heels of audit report saying lack of accountability and excessively wasteful spending. (No shocker, there.) And although board is already aware that State will not be delivering on expected funds, school board still wants to continue as though BOOMTOWN economy. Money for salaries, supplies and programs to be used for "solar panels." (How many more kids are "solar panels" gonna help graduate?)

* 1st AMENDMENT VIOLATIONS @ L.A. City Hall during City Council Meetings: Just as Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd return to Council chambers to expose more corruption, than ever, Friday's meeting was the WORST DISPLAY of FEDERAL PROTECTED SPEECH VIOLATIONS IN HISTORY OF ZUMA DOGG @ CITY HALL. (All while awaiting a ruling by Federal Judge that WILL NOT be going the City's way. They really need to be more careful. Dowd/Dogg (who filed the Federal lawsuit over City Council speech violations) only need so much money. Beyond that, we're just punishing you. (You're constituents WILL NOT be happy with the payout at critical budget times!)

* Delays in cost-cutting measures causing $63.7M budget deficit in L.A.: The city of Los Angeles opened up a $63.7 million budget deficit in the first quarter of this fiscal year — not because of a drop in revenues but because of delays in implementing cost-cutting measures such as layoffs, according to a report being released today. FULL POST - http://ow.ly/2VEul (Wendy & Eric wanna run for mayor? Insert "spit take.")

* LA TIMES: 26 child deaths from neglect & abuse under LA County Care. Zev Yaroslobsky. says, "Something has gone terribly haywire." ZEV, you SCHMUCK...YOU are THE SUPERVISOR! Full Story: http://ow.ly/2VEDa 

  • JANICE HAHN...I can now assure you, based on the email I just read...YOU WANNA KEEP A QUIET, LOW PROFILE off ZD's radar. TRUST ME & ZIP IT! 8 minutes ago
  • JANICE HAHN not gonna like the email I just read about some SERIOUS SH*T you'd like to forget/ZD wishes he didn't hear. Wants to have lunch. 9 minutes ago
  • HOLY SCHNIKIES: Google stats show a FRENZY of searches for "Roberto Aldape," "Zuma Dogg Blog" & "lacitynews." Hoh bhoy, did it hit the fan! 16 minutes ago
  • SHOES TO FALL: Ticketgate scandal. Heard D.A.'s "Public Integrity Unit" is going over the evidence. Look for indictments to fall on L.A. mayor. 21 minutes ago
  • BREAKING: LA TIMES owner Tribune Ready To Throw Randy Michaels Out. (How could you let FM Shock Programmer run Tribune?) http://ow.ly/2VAyS about 2 hours ago
  • SCRIPT FOR PUBLIC COMMENT: Los Angeles Housing Department Corruption Allegations. This post details it all. http://ow.ly/2Vz8d about 4 hours ago
  • Pension Plan Proposal Seeks Cut Backs: Faced with soaring pension costs, city officials on Monday proposed asking ... http://bit.ly/9DxztU about 5 hours ago
  • LACityNews.com isn't the ONLY blog that thinks L.A.City Hall is a sham and a scam of a municipal wrecking machine. RKLA - http://ow.ly/2Vy0W about 5 hours ago
  • How come people that give you inside info to blast, only tell you someone is "connected guy" AFTER you blast it all over TV & internet. LOL! about 5 hours ago
  • Sure have been a lot of Googling of "Roberto Aldape" this week. Still seeing referrals to http://LACityNews.com from a search of his name. about 6 hours ago
  • I don't think I should blog or be going to city hall for TV 35 comments til I can maintain a balance of $20 a day, EVERYDAY.  about 8 hours ago
  • ROBERTO ALDAPE POSTS: http://ow.ly/2UXOP, http://ow.ly/2UXLg, http://ow.ly/2UXNo, http://ow.ly/2UXNY, http://ow.ly/2UXLU, http://ow.ly/2UXMZ 1 day ago
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  • A CRIMINAL'S WORST NIGHTMARE: You spent MEGA-MILLIONS to take over City Hall & LAUSD, only to have targeted money stall in bust economy. LOL 1 day ago
  • DAILY NEWS ARTICLE detailing how F*CKED UP LAUSD Is When It Comes To Continuing To SPEND, SPEND, SPEND -- AND OVERPA... http://ow.ly/19uYud 1 day ago
  • YOU MAY WONDER why Greig Smith's name is listed among a 6-way tie for "Dumbest CM." ARE YOU KIDDING? HE WAS VOCALLY WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING! 1 day ago
  • POLL RESULTS - DUMBEST LA CITY COUNCILMEMBER: A toss up between Hahn, Huizar, Reyes, LaBong, Smith or Zine. (DUMBEST, not shadiest!) 1 day ago
  • LA CITY NEWS: A lot of content posted for one hungry dude. http://LACityNews.com. 1 day ago
  • DAILY NEWS account on HOW SCREWED LAUSD IS: http://ow.ly/2UTIf (Spent money on an audit, but were about to move ahead w out reading it.) 1 day ago
  • Los Angeles City News Update for Sunday, October 17, 2010 (Pt 2 - 3 PM Update) http://ow.ly/19uPos 1 day ago
  • LAUSD Boardmember Steve Zimmer caused EMS paramedics to burst into board meeting, this week. EMS saw him on TV and thought he was in a coma. 1 day ago
  • LAUSD's ZIMMER: I know job is stressful, but you gotta remove the Diprovan drip 1 hr before meeting. I don't think you took it out, at all. 1 day ago
  • LAUSD COMA-MEMBER STEVE ZIMMER: I hope you were on a lot of medicated edibles at meeting. Did you SEE yourself on TV? You can barely speak. 1 day ago
  • BIGGEST HEROES IN CITY GET TREATED WORST: Remember when LA budget cuts were FIRST DISCUSSED? FIRST thing City Hall brought up was FIRE DEPT! 1 day ago
  • LA currently in negotiations w Fire Union. (City Hall HATES the Fire Dept because they have been outspoken on safety impacts of city cuts.) 1 day ago
  • The fact that LA City couldn't even put together a "good" fake budget w/out NUTTY-UNREALISTIC projections, TELLS YOU HOW BAD IT REALLY IS! 1 day ago