Tuesday, October 19, 2010

3 PM UPDATE: Public Comment Audio Stream from 10/19/10 L.A. City Council Meeting (Zuma Dogg, Plus OTHER SPEAKERS, Now Speaking Out on L.A. Housing Dept. Corruption...IT'S SPREADING, Herb & Eric!)

NOW STREAMING: Public Comment Audio from today's (10/19/10) Los Angeles City Council Meeting. 

LAST WEEK, Zuma Dogg was the only one speaking out on Los Angeles City Housing Department (LAHD) Mega-Corruption. (See posts on this blog for more info on these conflict allegations.) 

TODAY...FOUR ADDITIONAL SPEAKERS (including Phil Jennerjahn and Bill Hooey from L.A. FAIR Housing Coalition) joined Zuma Dogg in bringing up and exposing the corruption allegations at LAHD. 

ALSO, Frank Sheftel speaks out on problems he is having with city regarding his medical collective. (A common complaint from collectives. Frank does a nice job running though the inept-shady-bamboozlement collectives are going through in this public comment from today's meeting.) 

PLUS, hear Councilman Bernard Parks explain the LAHD conflict allegations, as addressed by Zuma Dogg and the public comment speakers. It's all streaming, now, at http://LACityNews.com.