Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Los Angeles City News for Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 1PM Update (City Council Budget Talks, LAX Concession Showdown & Kevin James Sure Does Have A LOT of Advice for Zuma Dogg...A LOT of advice...Nothing BUT advice!)

Notice a big spike in readership, a few minutes after 1pm, each day. Probably people coming back from 12 noon lunch hour and checking the blog, once back on company time. (Good thinking! Makes you look like you are busy and working.) So here's what happened between 12 mid, last night, and now. Including some tweets on L.A. City Council quarterly budget discussion that will be reported on here, along with audio, later today. Here are some other items: You'll see some tweets below about ZD's call into Kevin James' talk show, last night in the 12 mid hour. After a LONG day, at council; then audio posting and updating the blog all day, I was pretty burnt by 12 midnight when I heard Kevin airing ZD clips from Friday's council meeting on his show, regarding the City Council free speech crackdown (censorship of comment speakers.) The segment didn't go completely south, but WOW, Kevin sure was on a relentless kick to, "just trying to give ZD advice on how to be more effective during public comment." AND, ZD and Kevin DID discuss it. But Kevin kinda REFUSED to move on, much the way Chris Matthews REFUSED to move on when Kevin James was on his show. Kevin lost focus of the issue: Not how to make ZD more effective, but what council was doing -- interrupting the speakers for being off topic, when most agree the speakers were ON topic, and the only problem was council didn't like what was being said. THE POINT IS: HERE IS ADVICE FOR KEVIN JAMES: Don't lose sight or focus, bro. I heard you criticize a grassroots candidate for not being a good enough speaker in front of the Clean Sweep crowd...EVEN THOUGH YOU SUPPORT THE CANDIDATE, HE IS VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE AND THE RIGHT CANDIDATE. The point is to DEFEAT the most CORRUPT Councilmember in the horseshoe with YOUR candidate. But, YOU turned it into a discussion on the public speaking flaws of the candidate. You know who is a smooth, charismatic,  great public speaker...THE CORRUPT COUNCILMAN YOU ARE TRYING TO DEFEAT.

So it's a bad habit Kevin is falling deeper and deeper into. It's not about "giving advice" on the air to grassroots candidates and gadflies showing up early in the morning to try and expose this stuff for the people watching comfortably at home. IT'S ABOUT TRYING TO CREATE CHANGE AND IMPROVE THE CITY COUNCIL. (Of course, suggestions and critiques ARE INDEED always welcomed by ZD from Kevin, because he DOES INDEED have good insights and takes...which is why I listen to his show. BUT HE HAS TO KNOW WHEN TO MOVE ON. I was the guest calling in to his show. It wasn't supposed to be ALL about how ZD can do it better critique session. SOME is o.k., BUT HE'S GETTIN' A LITTLE HIGH ON HIS HORSE. (How many times do you have to say, "I'm just trying to give you advice on how to be more effective." THANKS, BRO.(BESIDES, he has NO idea how it really works in he was giving advice that is currently illegal in chambers -- and I would be cut off for trying. SO COME TO THINK OF IT...YOU CAN STICK ALL OF YOUR ADVICE, BRO. It was ALL worthless under real time council conditions. THEY CONTROL THE VOLUME AND HAVE THE GUYS WITH GUNS. Maybe you should try attending TWO meetings in a row...or even just TWO meetings. When you've delivered a thousand-plus comments, give me a call with your advice, Mr. Perfect.



  • People REFUSE to stop clicking the LAHD "Conflict" memos posted here. STILL outranking all other posts. 2nd biggest reaction topic in 4 yrs. less than a minute ago
  • LEARNED MY LESSON: Can't be missing LA Council meeting televised to SEVERAL THOUSANDS, cause I was on Kevin James till 1AM to a couple 100. 3 minutes ago
  • "20 proposed items for March ballot. Not all are expected to make it, of course." - L.A. City Council President. 14 minutes ago
  • @KevinJames, Dowd just asked the City Attorney for a clarification. Garcetti interrupted to say, "Please address council." (CAN'T ask, bro!) 22 minutes ago
  • Microsoft donates $1 million to L.A. school to bridge technology gap (CONGRATS! That's a lot of computers to lose!) 24 minutes ago
  • Bell officials misused affordable-housing funds, state audit finds: (I'm gonna F-ing EXPLODE if they don't audit LA!) 27 minutes ago
  • RT @latshowtracker: L.A.'s 'Rally To Restore Sanity' to be held in MacArthur Park 28 minutes ago
  • Teen Killed While Jogging in Sherman Oaks Hit and Run: (Don't you know L.A. is CAR-BASED city w too much density growth? DRIVE, don't run!) 28 minutes ago
  • INDICTED COUNCILMAN RICHARD ALARCON just said he felt the city acted to quickly in measures take to help prevent COMPLETE budget meltdown. 35 minutes ago
  • TOM LABONG IDEAS ON $500 MIL BUDGET CRISIS: What about city trucks that run idle? Can they turn off trucks? What about paper clips, staples? 54 minutes ago
  • "FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS": Eric Garcetti on pension reform. Will do NOTHING about curerent budget crisis. Garcetti said, for 20 yrs from now. 57 minutes ago
  • HE CAN'T EVEN SAY IT!: During quarterly budget talks, @EricGarcetti kept saying, "Down 63....down 63. COULDN'T SAY, "MILLION DOLLARS!" LOL! about an hour ago
  • ONION NEWS: Tony Cardenas to take out a "hit" on other 14 councilmembers who voted, "yes," on LAX concession plan. He wanted a "NO," vote. about an hour ago
  • NEXT 4 YRS ACCORDING TO LA CAO: Despite all the cuts, still facing a deficit, costs still continue to rise as revenue is dead. BIG PROBLEMS! about an hour ago
  • CAO Miguel Santana say more furloughs and layoffs next year. City Hall staff now less than Riordan's. Except L.A. is MUCH more DENSE now. about an hour ago
  • KEVIN JAMES brought show to a HALT, "trying to give ZD advice on how to be more effective speaker." HERE'S KEVIN ON TV! (ADVICE is EASY to GIVE) - 
  • SHADY LAX CONCESSIONS: Tony Cardenas in a big hurry to DELAY vote. Janice Hahn in big hurry to rush through vote. HE'S gonna KILL her! about 2 hours ago
  • "Their toes will look better." Jancie Hahn on LAX pedicure concession. "Women have to take their shoes off...their toes will look better." about 2 hours ago
  • CONFLICT OF CORRUPT COUNCIL TITANS: Jancie "CON" Hahn stands up to dispute Tony Cardenas on LAX concession contracts. SHADY vs SHADY. about 2 hours ago
  • The ignorant mouth of Kevin James is something you need to be warned of. He talks without facts and knowledge and gets stuff WRONG a lot. about 2 hours ago
  • Los Angeles City News for Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - Ron Kaye & KRLA's Kevin James Pick Up On City Hall 1st Amend... about 10 hours ago
  • Reason Dowd/Dogg had to file a FEDERAL lawsuit after a few years, is because ONLY WAY to get them to stop interrupting/cutting off speakers. about 11 hours ago
  • LA TIMES: Some compassionate pot shops caught in L.A. law's red tape. (Frank Sheftel discussed this @ Council meeting. about 13 hours ago
  • County caves to union threat - Despite learning Tuesday that Los Angeles County faces a $26 billion tab over coming ... about 13 hours ago
  • GOSH DARN IT: I wanted Mayor Villaraigosa to go down over PENSION scandal. (Losing BILLIONS in shady investments w cronies.) NOT Lakers tix. about 13 hours ago
  • New lyric written for a rock anthem: (SUNG) "Whatever it takes...TICKET-GATE!" (For all of mayor's municipal damage, going down for THAT?) about 13 hours ago
  • For all the long-term damage Mayor Villaragiosa has done to L.A., since elected, CAN'T BELIEVE it's gonna be TICKETGATE that takes him down! about 13 hours ago
  • HOW IT WORKS, BRO: Zuma Dogg will speak in compliance with FEDERAL LAW. He doesn't stop or quiet down for you. YOU can choose to VIOLATE=$$$ about 14 hours ago
  • HERE ARE COMMENTS from readers of in reference to L.A. Council's FREE SPEECH, FIRST AMENDMENT (cont) about 15 hours ago
  • L.A. County supervisors order audit of Bell's finances (ANYTHING, to take focus off 26+ dead kids under you watch, Zev! about 15 hours ago
  • If 26 kids died, last year, under L.A. County care, imagine how many kids were so HORRIBLY abused, but just didn't die, and lived. 100's+? about 15 hours ago
  • Now that the 1st Amendment Crackdown (Federal Violations) @ L.A. City Hall has been picked up by (cont) about 16 hours ago
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