Thursday, October 21, 2010

Los Angeles City News 10.21.10 4PM Update - CRIME STATISTICS WAY UP IN LOS ANGELES (I'm talking about the elected officials running L.A. City Hall!) INFO ON LADWP's RAJ RAMAN (HIS PERSONAL BANKRUPTCY COURT DETAILS)

Some inside folks with the WHITE HOT info on L.A. illicit criminal activity at the hands of many of the popular names we all know and don't love seem to have graduated ZD to the next level of info. Perhaps the quick impact made on exposing the LAHD conflict of interest (corruption) allegations got some other folks salivating over the idea of hearing ZD blast THEIR email details on City TV 35 and blast it all over the internet. (As of today, the LAHD (Los Angeles Housing Department) posts on Asst GM Roberto Aldape are STILL the most viewed posts on this blog. And the traffic is increasing, if anything...not diminishing. I really don't think there are that many members of the general public doing a Google search for "Roberto Aldape" and clicking the links to the blog posts detailing the conflicts. (COULD IT BE INVESTIGATORS HAVING A LOOK FOR SOME TIPS ON WHERE TO START?)

So, over the past week, and past 72 hours, some WILD SH*T has been appearing in the LA City News "inbox." And would REALLY like to simply blast it all...but it's kinda like a grenade...and once the pin is pulled...

Posting some tidbits out of these memos and posting them in the Twitter feed on this blog, then re-posting them in full blog posts. (To hit the Google search engines where you can read them all at once.)

For example, I DID NOT KNOW that LADWP honcho RAJ RAMAN liked to live a "Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous - Laguna Niguel Edition" where he racked up quite a tab at places like Bloomingdales and a list of creditors from this Bankruptcy hearing that is too long to post, even though the blog space is free. RAJ MUST NOT HAVE KNOW YOU HAVE TO PAY THE CREDIT CARDS BACK FOR THE STUFF. Anyway, after reading the court judgment -- IT KINDA BORDERS ON INSANITY TO ALLOW THIS GUY TO OVERLOOK THE PAPER CLIPS & STAPLES. 

AND, I can't believe people buy homes in Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear out of City money. And I can't believe what happened when a former elected official got into the real estate business...and became even shadier than when he was an elected official. 

Anyway, keep reading. I have to decide whether I want to show in council chambers and just start blasting all of this stuff, which they would not be able to prevent me from saying, because it's out of court cases, including a CURRENT ACTIVE court case, that I hear is a REAAAAAAAAAAAAL DOOSEY! 

This is what I call the "Daffy Duck" era. I have a great stunt to pull that the crowd would LOVE, but I can only do it once. (Let's hope these schmucks don't piss me off...for MY sake.) I am quite certain I can piss off just about every elected official in the County (current and former) with about 2 public comments.

* LAUSD under (a former leader) embezzled millions from federal funds given to handicapped /learning impaired children by federal government. 20 minutes ago

* EXCERPT FROM EMAIL: When [official] left office and found his way to the City's Real Estate Sector; the criminal illicit activity increased. 23 minutes ago

* TODAY: "I'm sorry the 3-1-1 system is temporarily unavailable...please try again later." (After waiting on hold for a while.) MAYOR SUCCESS! 25 minutes ago

* Maybe if I walk into council chambers and start blasting stuff about STEVE COOLEY it'll get his attention to look into Brown Act violations. 37 minutes ago

* The Port of Los Angeles has just scored a $16 million grant from the federal government. (KEEP IT AWAY FROM CARDENAS!) 43 minutes ago

* I JUST don't think there are THAT many people in public doing searches for "Roberto Aldape" to link to LA City News posts. INVESTIGATORS! 46 minutes ago

* When LA Council cuts me off, I won't blast negative stuff about COUNCIL, I'll expose stuff about Steve Cooley. THAT WILL GET HIS ATTENTION! 55 minutes ago

* HEY RAJ RAMAN: When you buy stuff @ BLOOMINGDALES, new cars & whatever else in Laguna Niguel, DON'T YOU KNOW U HAVE TO PAY BACK CREDIT CARD? about an hour ago

* MAYBE DWP RAJ RAMAN thought he was on an "all you can spend and run up on credit card" reality show contest. COURT RULING WAS HARSH REALITY! about an hour ago

* NOW I know why DWP has to keep jacking up rates: To cover Raj Raman's liens from Bankruptcy Court. DAMN, is HE a gross, greedy pig. OINK! about an hour ago

* I've been a city hall watch dogg for 4 1/2 years, but wave of info being sent over this past week is TOO HOT. Info can tear down City Hall. about an hour ago

* UNFATHOMABLE that LADWP could put RAJ RAMAN in charge of watching paper clips after the list of creditors he STIFFED in '90's. B-RUPT COURT. about an hour ago

* DWP's RAJ RAMAN: About Raj, SOME shopping spree that ended in '93 court hearings. SOME SMACKDOWN. Who let HIM in charge? about 2 hours ago

* Eric "RICO" Garcetti for Mayor. Just call him "RICO" Garcetti. (Just a nickname for "Eric." I wasn't referring to RICO violations.) about 2 hours ago

* TRUTANICH: Ran on platform of cracking down on City Hall corruption, only to announce it's all out of his hands after being sworn in. COWARD about 2 hours ago

* INTERESTING that more and more is spilling out into the public's attention on ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES @ L.A. City Hall, but Trutanich does NADA! about 2 hours ago

* Not only did FEDERAL JUDGE ACCEPT a 1st Amendment lawsuit vs L.A (instead of throwing out), as LA crackdown gets worse, Trutanich allows it. about 3 hours ago

* PEOPLES' CITY ATTORNEY?: Consider that there is OUTRAGE from residents over Council's comment crackdown MORE THAN EVER since he took office. about 3 hours ago

* WHO'S THE FOOL THAT THINKS TRUTANICH IS "PEOPLE'S" ATTORNEY?: Day he took office, Council Public Comment crackdown became MUCH more severe. about 3 hours ago

* NOTHING says that Councilman RICHARD ALARCON will be RESIGNING SOON than a rush to transfer money for next year's fireworks to a relative. about 3 hours ago

* MORE ERIC GARSHADINESS: Demand for a Criminal Investigation of the CRA Deal for 1601 N. Vine St. in GARCETTI'S DISTRICT: about 3 hours ago