Thursday, September 30, 2010

L.A. City News Update for September 30, 2010 : AUDIO - Whitman, Allred & L.A. City Controller and Chief Beck on RED LIGHT CAMERA PROGRAM (Audio of FULL Press Conference)

# RED LIGHT CAMS: As city is about to discuss renewal of severely flawed program, controller puts out negatives, 1st. (We fixed it, renewed!) less than a minute ago

# CHIEF BECK ON RED LIGHT CAMERAS: "To find the right company to operate the cameras..." (Sounds like program will continue w new company.) 16 minutes ago

# CONTROLLER'S TELL: "As we move ahead w this program." Is audit on Red Light Cameras a move to preempt what will come out in public hearings? 24 minutes ago

# WAY TO GO, PETER!: Peter Tilden on 790-KABC made Zine promise he'd sneak in word, "boondoggle," @ today's press event. He agreed, and did! 58 minutes ago

# LA CITY NEWS: New net resource with news updates as they break, blog posts & streaming audio of local press & meetings. (Little local radio) about an hour ago

# A HISTORIC DAY IN L.A. HISTORY: As the team Greuel/Zine kick-off campaign for Mayor/Controller respectively @ today's Red Light Press Event. about an hour ago


# "The base funding that has to take place in California is for law enforcement." - Meg Whitman at today's press conference. (9/30/10) about 2 hours ago

# "She doesn't HAVE to." Gloria Allred to reporter question if Nikki would take lie detector test as Meg agreed to.(Correct answer is, "yes.") about 2 hours ago

# L.A. Councilman Dennis Zine says City budget is balanced and will be reviewed in October. Sounds pessimistic that economy has recovered. about 2 hours ago

# "Sacramento...they rip EVERYONE off, including municipalities." - L.A. CIty Councilman Dennis Zine on 790-KABC radio w Peter Tilden (5a-9a) about 2 hours ago

# SEND THE CAMERAS OVER!: I was treated like trash and not appreciated every day of my corporate career. Had to work at home & weekends. about 2 hours ago

# LA CITY ONION NEWS: Child Services to investigate MEG WHITMAN for allowing her kid to be driven by someone without a valid driver's license. about 2 hours ago

# LAFD operating @ full capacity: Villaraigosa suspends cost-cutting measure limiting # of available trucks & ambulances. about 3 hours ago

# MUST HAVE BEEN L.A. VOTERS: In Daily News poll asking the question "Will we ever find life on another planet?" 65% of readers said ... YES! about 3 hours ago

# GLORIA ALLRED may have just done more damage to reputation & safety of non-documented workers in U.S. than anything she alleges Whitman of. about 3 hours

# REPORTERS SCRUTINIZE ALLRED. DON'T SEEM TO BUY IT: Gloria Allred frustrated as reporters hammer her. Says,"One more question," for 1st time. about 5 hours ago

# STRONG STATEMENT: Meg Whitman announces at press conference she's willing to take lie detector test to prove she had no knowledge of letter. about 5 hours ago

# I think tides have turned on Gloria Allred after this latest gross stunt. Don't think she'll be nearly as celebrated as in the past, again. about 5 hours ago

# MEG WHITMAN getting more bang for her non-buck in this press conference than the $100 mil plus, already spent. Jerry needs to cut the feed! about 6 hours ago

# MEG WITMAN turning negative smear into a positive as she uses platform to address illegal immigration issue. Will win many undecideds over. about 6 hours ago

# MEG WHITMAN seeming very authoritative, credible & coming off well in current press conference on Nikki. Will HELP her with many undecideds. about 6 hours ago

# GLORIA ALLRED: Destroying her credibility and reputation over the Nikki/Whitman issue. Didn't come off too well this morning on talk radio. about 7 hours ago

# Does Nikki & Gloria Allred know what "treated me like I wasn't even human," means? This whole thing stinks like Gloria's bad perfume. about 8 hours ago

# After one year absence, L.A. City Council voted to resume meetings in Van Nuys on 1st Friday, but cut from every month to every OTHER month. about 16 hours ago

# What makes L.A. City Council President (presiding entire time city headed into buzzsaw due to his policy) let him think he should be mayor? about 16 hours ago

# "Boo hoo. I lied to my employer upon hiring & when the truth was revealed, she got angry. Isn't that terrible? She should have promoted me!" about 16 hours ago

# BREAKING ONION NEWS: Gloria Allred one cosmetic surgery away from being, one too many, if it isn't too late, already. The NEW Joan Rivers? about 17 hours ago

# POLITICS: After providing false documents & fake SS card to employment agency, maid is fired after admitting crime to boss, then complains. about 17 hours ago

# CRYSTAL BALL?: State legislators won't be able to agree on budget, over politics, so projects will just stop when contractors don't get paid. about 17 hours ago

# After re-starting, but reducing number of council meetings held in Valley from 12 to 6 per year, Garcetti calls it an increase from 0 to 6. about 17 hours ago

# L.A. City News 11 O'Clock News Update for Wednesday, September 29, 2010 (See Whitman's Maid's Documents HERE) about 18 hours ago

# WHAT A HERO: "I know there are a lot of other 'Megs,' so I am speaking out for all the other Nikki's." (Does anyone w brains buy that b.s.?) about 18 hours ago

# L.A City News Channel: Breaking news tweets as they come across wire, blog posts & streaming audio/video on L.A. City. about 19 hours ago