Monday, February 9, 2009

Memo To Barack Obama Regarding Villaragiosa's AFFORDABLE HOUSING RACKETEERING SCHEME Potential

Open Letter To Barack Obama Regarding Villaraiogosa's AFFORDABLE HOUSING RACKETTERING SCHEME

To: President Barack Obama
Fr: Zuma Dogg, Candidate For Mayor of Los Angeles 2009
Dt: February 8, 2009
Re: Concerns of RACKETEERING Over Villaraiogosa's Affordable Housing Number Count (Residential Hotels being counted as "affordable housing" units.)

Dear President Obama,

First of all, congratualtions on your recent election victory.

I am contacting you, hopefully, as the next mayor of Los Angeles, as my name is on the ballot in the March 3, 2009 general election where I am challenging Hillary Clinton's former campaign co-chair, Antonio Villaraiogsa for the position.

Do a Google search for "Zuma Dogg" and you can catch up on my legendary, iconic status in the City of Los Angeles as the City's best-known gadfly and Villar's biggest nemesis.

The reason I am contacting you, Mr. President, is because I am concerned the City of Los Angeles may be trying to bamboozle you, when it comes to the number of affordable housing units the mayor will be claiming.

As you know, the City of Los Angeles receives Federal dollars, based on the number of affordable housing units the city offers.

And as you know, the mayor is up for re-election. So he went on TV and started bragging about how many new affordable housing units the city has added to the market.

And, if anyone knows how suckers believe whatever soundbite you give them, people think the mayor is helping the homeless with all this new affordable housing.

But here is where RACKETEERING concerns come into the picture. Here is what the city did:

They sent notices to a bunch of smaller hotel owners (the type of hotels with no more than 45-50 units) claiming that these hotels were "residential" units, and if they disagreed, they can send the City $600, plus all the registration records over the past three years, and their request will be considered.

Well, the city says no to all of these hotel operators, but if they want to try again, they can send another $600 and see if the results change.

The least expensive of these types of hotel rooms cost about $1000, minimum. And a more likely rate is $1700 or more, a month. THAT IS NOT AFFORDABLE BY ANY STRETCH OF THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS MIND!

The total number of hotel rooms at this rate that was added to the "affordable housing" increase that Viagraosa bragged about is about 19,000 units.

So when Villaragiosa applies for the Federal money based on the number of affordable housing units in the city, you better throw some investigators and auditors to go over the whole accounting.

Because this is just one of many angles Villaraigosa will be using to try and take advantage of you since you're just a rookie, and Villar is a seasoned career politician, who has the most ingenious and decietful scam-artists coaching him on all the shady angles to pilfer the city, state and federal coffers.

And I urge you to please throw your support to "Zuma Dogg" by endorsing me over Villaraiogsa. All he did was campaign for Hillary. NOT because he didn't dig you from the start. But because he though Hillary was going to clobber you. So he threw you under the bus, then regretted the decision, like so many of his personal decisons over the course of his term. Let's end his term.

Mr. President, besides this affordable housing scam, I urge you to contact your boy, Eric Garcetti, L.A. City Councilmember who idolizes and worships you over the city's Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP). It is another possible Federal Racketeering charge that may be leveled against the City of Los Angeles.

Mr. President, I'm concerned if you do not get some leverage over Villaragiosa and Garshady's City Hall, you will lose the city, which will sink the State, and then you will be going on Meet The Press saying how we need a financial bail-out for the City of Los Angeles, because "it's too important of an economy to let fail."

Here are the recent stories about the Rent Escrow program and Federal lawsuit that is being filed in court.

And finally, please review my article, "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points." I know you know W. Edwards Deming. In these economic times, it is time to embrace this philospohy as we are forced to do more with less.

Holla at ya boy,

Zuma Dogg

Candidate For Mayor of Los Angeles

Zuma Dogg For