Monday, December 24, 2012

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Mercedes Marquez reinstated as General Manager of the LAHD - Bad News for Housing in City of LA

Nov 19, 2012
Mercedes Marquez confirmed as General Manager of LAHD
Mercedes Marquez, the architect behind the aggressive anti-property owner, anti-business policies of the Los Angeles Housing Department has unfortunately returned to her post. After serving a short stint at HUD in Washington DC she was sent back to LA. She was confirmed on Friday November 16, 2012 in a perplexing split vote. Ten landlords managed to show up to protest the hearing. Only 24 hours notice was  given for this important vote.

Usually in these General Manager Confirmation Hearings, the person being appointed is given a few softball questions and then voted in unanimously by the City Council. This time it went a bit different. Mercedes Marquez didn’t even show up to own Confirmation Hearing. Imagine going to a job interview where the salary is over $200,000 and sending in your friend instead. This is exactly what Mercedes Marquez did by sending in Rushmore Cervantes, another executive of the LAHD to answer these questions.

Many Councilmembers voiced their opinions on Mercedes Marquez. Councilmember Dennis Zine even said that in the past 11 years he has never seen a General Manager not show up to their own confirmation hearing. Koretz, who is usually more pro-tenant didn’t feel comfortable voting her in. Councilmember Krekorian questioned why the vote was being taken on the very last day of council session and the vote be delayed. Councilman Englander voiced strong disapproval towards Mercedes Marquez being absent as well. The City Attorney stated that since this was just before the Council Recess, she would still be appointed even without a vote, she had to be rejected outright. To many landlords in the audience, this seemed to be a purposeful strategy done by the Council President so shoo her in quietly. She was voted 8 Yeas, 4 Nos, and 3 Absent. So she won a majority of the Council by one vote, hardly a vote of confidence.


Obama desperate for political support, invited East L.A. political mob into the White House, in form of appointments (Hilda Solis/Mercedes Marquez) and his arm's length relationship with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who Obama has running around in the media being a whiny, squeaky wheel...trying to get the rest of the country to fall for the same bullshit, that just DESTROYED THE ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL FABRIC OF L.A. FOR DECADES!

BUT ALL I HAVE HEARD, ON THE MEAN STREETS OF EAST L.A. is all these people Obama is fucking in bed with at the White House are connected to this political mob.

People like Vignali, Torres, Meruelo, Alatorre, Nunez, Perez. And people like Bill Clinton & NY GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO, who go along with them. (Bill, did you pardon Vignali, just cause you really, really wanted to? OR BECAUSE THE MOB MADE YOU AN OFFER YOU COULDN'T REFUSE?)

AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT: It is accidentally discovered that Obama's White House was sending high powered weapons to the Mexican Mafia cartel. WHAT IF IT HADN'T ACCIDENTALLY BEEN EXPOSED? So once it WAS exposed, come up with BIGGEST BULLSHIT EXCUSE EVER (cause there's really not much you can say, at that point): Um, we gave them the weapons, cause we wanted to track them to see what they were doing with the weapons. GOOD ANSWER!

IT'S TOUGH, I UNDERSTAND! You make a deal with the devil and before you know it, the Dark Force has a Darth Vader helmet slapped on your head, and you can't yank it off.

Didn't just happen to YOU Obama. It happened to Villaraiogsa, Jose Huizar and A LOT of these PUPPETS, who sold their soul and made a deal with the devil. THEN, they get pushed a little too far into deep water, over their head...they can't swim back to shore and the undertow sucks em away.


WATCH THIS [video embedded above]: It explains it for you! Mayor Sam Political Blog says, "MUST VIEWING!" A madman rant, walkin' down the street w a cup of coffee. Was told, "you're dangerous walking down the street with a cup of coffee in your hand." (Yeah, Villar/City Hall keeps PROVOKING ME!) THIS IS INSANE! WATCH IT!

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