Sunday, December 23, 2012


SOME SERIOUS QUESTIONS AND THINGS TO THINK ABOUT, regarding the "Andrea Alacron" (everybody in club gettin' "Tipsy") sticky-situation. At first I didn't wanna cover this on L.A. City News/L.A. Daily Blog, cause at first, appeared to be a personal parenting issue.  BUT, as I continue to think about, and see how it is being reported/portrayed in the L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly -- and the reason D.A. Jacky Lacey used to pass it Trutanich (not that I care, but interesting linguistics) -- AND, most importantly; the preferential treatment and use of LAPD and L.A. City Hall by the political insiders; and perhaps a cover-up, including LAPD (who has some camera footage at Parker Center and phone records to check) -- here's what I was thinking:

Here is how I believe things went down on this one. Sometime around 10, Ms. Alarcon told her daughter that she was going to leave for a bit. She gave her daughter her city phone and left. The daughter ran outside and saw her mother with the Mayor and or with his assistant. The daughter probably wanted to not be left alone and her mother told her to go back inside. The daughter did; but, for some odd reason ended up in the parking structure beneath City Hall or City Hall East where she was found by security.

Security obviously asked her who she was and she said who her mother was. They were also told to call the number that the daughter was given to call if she needed her mother. Security called that number and got whoever they got. At that point in time they were told to keep an eye on the little girl or return her to her mothers office or do whatever. Security didn't feel comfortable with that, they waited an hour and called the police to come pick the girl up. After all, they are not babysitters.

It does not require a lot of thought to figure this all out. My guess, security didn't want to wait all night for Alarcon to come back and their shift had ended. My guess is they called Alarcon or whoever again. Phone records would show that. In either case, Ms. Alarcon did not return and security turned the child over to the police. It would be reasonable to expect the police to immediately call the number the daughter had; but, still the daughter was not picked up by Ms. Alarcon a couple of blocks away. Nope it took hours because arrangements had to be made to protect the man that was with her.

One article says that everyone in the bar was sworn to secrecy. What does that mean? What favors or money or threats would it take to swear all of those people to secrecy? Now the police acted oddly, why wasn't Child Protective Services called immediately? What did the kid do between the hours of 11:30 and 2:00 while with the police? Did the really agree to be babysitters too? That is not normal for them. Why did the LAPD not follow their own protocol? A story had to be created by drunk people in a hurry. Those stories rarely stand up to any real scrutiny and we have seen none from the L.A. Times or the Daily News or any other rag. Nope, this town is controlled or so it seems.

Here is the most corrupt and amusing part. The District Attorney chose not to prosecute Ms. Alarcon because her kid was left with the security personnel. Did you get that? The kid was not "left" with security personnel, read the articles, she was found by security personnel, there is a difference. So, how many people don't give a rat's rearend about this child. Obviously her mother doesn't care enough to take care of her. The "man" she was with didn't care. The kid could have been raped or abducted; but, going to have a drink with someone was more important. 

Here is an interesting question. Who were the cops that watched that kid and why haven't they been interviewed. Did they get overtime so that the number of people involved was kept to a minimum? The child would have been taken to Parker Center, it has many cameras, there must be video. Why is it that the media has not asked to see the videos from inside or even outside of City Hall?

Here is the most amusing thing. The police have the ability to track cell phones and find locations. They called a phone number off of Ms. Alarcon's City issued cell phone and I know they can track those. Why didn't the police send someone to pick up Ms. Alarcon? Again, just a bunch of random questions.