Tuesday, October 9, 2012

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Federal Deposition on CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS by City of Los Angeles [Zuma Dogg vs L.A. City Over Venice Beach 42.15 -- CITY FOUND TO BE GUILTY OF U.S. CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS!!!]

NOW PLAYING is a new song about this entire situation. GOOD ENDING, but if you wanna hear the deposition audio, right away, hit pause to stop the music. (But, why would you wanna STOP MUSIC?]

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<i><b>TRUST ME</b></i>...this is better than ANY public comment rant you have ever heard by Zuma Dogg. TRUST ME, this is VERY INFORMATIVE; gives a nice little auto-biographical update of how your boy Uncle MC ZD is doing. But, more importantly, gives a little INSIGHT, as to WHERE L.A. CITY'S GENERAL FUND WENT (BESIDES THE SERVICES THEY PROMISED) -- AND HOW IT IS STILL BEING SPENT, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE SPENT, INTO 2013! (That's why I have<a href="http://lacity2013.com/" target="_blank"> http://LACity2013.com.</a>) Here's a day in a life, as recanted over a VERY NICE conference table, overlooking the City of Los Angeles, who was LOSING DEFENDANT in this FEDERAL LAWSUIT, of which this deposition concerns. EXTRA, EXTRA...ZD is EXTRA-EXTRA (SOMETHING) that caused him to have to edit and post this, NOW!: Good morning, L.A. City Hall. Have you heard this, yet? Maybe I should come on down, for a little visit, on TV 35. I think I'm ready to start, again...You guys moved public comment to the end=EZ for a MADMAN ZD!!!<br />
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ENDED UP IN 72 HR #5150 LOCKDOWN/HOLD, less than 24 hrs after recording THIS music video about this entire situation:
<iframe allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/EXfSjYRKKmI" width="420"></iframe>