Monday, November 8, 2010

Matt Dowd & Zuma Dogg To Meet With Civil Rights Attorney Who Sued L.A. City Over McArthur Park "May Day" Incident (A meeting of great leagalese minds vs L.A. City's General Fund)

Well, Eric Garcetti wants to run for mayor and he's off to a great start in proving he's a prudent and responsible negotiator.

Last week, he told Matt Dowd and Zuma Dogg, "go ahead and hire attorneys because we already have a budget to defend against lawsuits and we are used to you guys in council chambers." So THIS WEEK, Dowd/Dogg will be meeting with the attorney who sued the city over civil rights violations over the city's handling of the "May Day" protest. That ended in a settlement of $12 million for the package.

So not to say this is BIGGER than the May Day settlement. But looks like it might be the BIGGEST thing SINCE the May Day settlement.

So looks like our case ain't no joke, cause I doubt this guy wants to meet with Dowd/Dogg to say he's not interested.

AND to the crybabies at city hall who can't believe how things just keep getting worse and worse for you regarding the whole "ZD" issue...

IT'S NOT LIKE WE HAVEN'T GIVEN YOU FAIR NOTICE AND WARNING ON THE RECORD FOR YEARS. (We can't help it you are arrogant and think you were better than us. I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU WOULD THINK THAT?)