Monday, October 25, 2010

MON 9PM: New L.A. City News RADIO Now Posted: L.A. Council Meeting Preview for 10.26.10

Go to for a new radio show for Monday Night, previewing Tuesday, October 26, 2010 L.A. City Council Meeting.

ZUMA DOGG ISSUES CHALLENGE TO TRUTANICH: HEY NUCH...if you are really TRU, and want to HEAR the TRUth, why not sit down with Zuma Dogg in front of the reporters, Mr. Smart Guy, and allow me to respond to each of your non-sense, non-parallel analogies.LET'S FACE TOLD me how BLOWN AWAY you were by my mind when you promised that you would give me a job. And I just beat you and all of your attorney's in FEDERAL COURT on your VERY IMPORTANT Venice non-law that it took City Hall YEARS to create, and one day in Federal Court for DOWD/DOGG to bitch slap off the beach and back down your throats -- as you now contemplate the least expensive of of two very un-cheap options.  SO WHY DO YOU THINK IT'S A JOKE THAT I WOULD CONSIDER MYSELF WORTHY OF CLARIFYING YOUR SAME ARROGANT AND IGNORANT BULLSHIT ON THE MARIJUANA ISSUE. (You are easy to beat, cause you argue on un-TRU premises, TRU. Have your people call my people if you think you can rise to the level of ZD. HE doesn't think you can. But YOU probably think you can. (That's what you thought about FEDERAL COURT. The "law of the land" as you said on the radio, Monday morning. Guess it took Dowd/Dogg to explain it to you. AND EXPENSIVE LESSON AT THE CITY TREASURY'S EXPENSE, THAT YOU VOWED TO PROTECT. )