Wednesday, October 27, 2010

L.A. City News for Wed., 10.27.10: New Audio, Video, Posts & News Tweets (VIDEO: ZD BLASTS CRAP COP WHO HARASSED HIM OFF BEACH INTO HOMLESSNESS @ Venice Meeting on L.A. City's FEDERAL DEFEAT by DOWD/DOGG! YOU Losers!)

New video, audio, posts and news tweets for 10.27.10 @ Including video of Zuma Dogg BLASTING the CRAP COP who arrogantly and ignorantly harassed him off Venice Beach and into homelessness, in violation of FEDERAL LAW, after she claimed to merely be "enforcing the spirit of the law," by doing things like writing a ticket to someone for having a Hannah Montana cardboard display on the boardwalk for parents to take pictures of their kids with, while visiting Venice Beach. IS THAT NOT SPIRIT OF THE LAW?


Unfortunately, the dumb, arrogant, hostile, confused cop was writing tickets in violation of the United States Constitution. I WARNED L.A. CITY COUNCIL FOR YEARS AGO (ON TV), WHEN THIS SHIT FIRST JUMPED OFF...AND FOR YEARS, THEREAFTER...TO "SH*T-CAN" THAT CRAP COP & IGNORANT LOSER, PEGGY THUSIN. (She cost the city A LOT! And her non-spirit-of-the-law, LAW VIOLATIONS will cost the city MUCH MORE! SHE TAKES IT TOO PERSONAL. IT HAS CLOUDED HER OBJECTIVITY AND SHE GETS INTO PERSONAL PISSING MATCHES WITH MATT DOWD. What's HER excuse? I know HIS was to trap her into padding his damages, which video will prove she did...WALK INTO HIS TRAP. MORE TO COME ON THIS U.S. LAW SPIRIT VIOLATOR...BIG SHOT WITH A GUN AND BACKUP, BUT NOT A FUCKING CLUE ABOUT "SPIRIT OF THE LAW", PEGGY THUSIN!)

Los Angeles Times Report of Law Change at Venice Beach based on 1st Amendment Violations as brought to America's Attention by Legalese "Dream Team" of Dowd/Dogg.

Vendors victorious in dust-up over Venice Beach rules

By The Associated Press (via

10.27.10 LOS ANGELES — A federal judge has struck down city regulations  governing who gets to sing and sell along crowded Venice Beach in Los  Angeles.

U.S. District Judge Dean Pragerson ruled last week that the city's  weekly lottery system for distributing permits to boardwalk vendors and  performers during the summer season violates the First Amendment.

Pragerson issued a temporary injunction, saying the city should issue permits on a first-come-first-served basis.

The judge also struck down a rule barring amplified sound and musical instruments between 9 a.m. and sunset in certain areas.

The city's 2008 ordinance, which was revised last year, was contested by 13 performers.
Plaintiff and street performer "Zuma Dogg" told the Los Angeles Times yesterday that the city should have changed the ordinance to address performers’ concerns.

"You have to pay a permit fee for free speech, and that's wrong," he was quoted by the newspaper as saying..