Saturday, January 24, 2009

Zuma Dogg City Council Update For Friday January 23, 2009 (They lose a quorum after hours becasue of paid presentations, again.)

CITY COUNCIL LOSES ANOTHER FRIDAY QUORUM: After taking two meeting off on Tuesday and Wednesday for the inauguration, City Council lost another Friday quorum leaving agenda items on the table. Too bad for all the people who took off work, hired baby sitters, spent money on gas and parking...only to be kept waiting for hours as City Council kissed ass and grandstanded during their "Dog and Pony Show" PAID presentation Fridays.

What happened? After Jackass Weiss kissed ass for the cameras for whatever item he was using to help bolster his City Attorney campaign, he simply took off and Council lost a quorum. SORRY TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SHOWED UP AND WERE KEPT WAITING HOURS FOR A CHANCE TO FIGHT FOR THE ISSUE AFFECTING THEM IN THEIR COMMUNITY! City Council had a bunch of ass to kiss during the PAID presentations and then Jack had to take off, screw the city, and agenda items were left on the table. HOW WASTEFUL!

And oh yeah, because they held public comment until the end of the meeting, and they lost a quorum, the public comment they allowed for was FAKE public comment, and Eric Garcetti CONFIRMED to Zuma Dogg that it WAS NOT on the record. (Well what do you think the value of public comment is? It's to put it down on the record to keep the door open for future legal action. MOST PEOPLE AREN'T AWARE OF THE BIGGEST VALUE ZD PERFORMS AS A GADFLY AT THE COUNCIL MEETINGS.)

DWP COMMISSIONER APPOINTMENT OPENS IT UP FOR ZUMA DOGG TO DISCUSS MEASURE B: The one thing I love about commissioner appointments, is that is allows ZD to put in a card for the agenda item (the appointment) and I can hammer away for two minutes on the department. AND MAGICALLY, FRIDAY IT WAS DWP!

It allowed me to use the time to break the news, in the form of asking the question as to, "how the commissioner would feel if he found out that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was getting one to five cents per kilowatt in this Measure B solar panel deal. And that the reason he is using a factory in China (besides the connections to former DWP higher-ups) is that in China, you can make a contribution to Villaraigosa, as a private individual into a bank account in Dubai and the U.S. government would never know.  

So Zuma Dogg was able to raise this question, based on some feedback I received while going about my day on the streets.

AND, I asked Council to ask the commissioner for his position on Measure B. What a shock!!!...he was FOR it!

So if you have a chance, see item 32 from Friday's meeting at or on Sunday playback.

ZUMA DOGG FEATURED ON ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE: After eight years of producing my public access show in Los Angeles under some pretty dark circumstances and zero production and promotional budget, it finally captured national news attention as ABC News NIGTLINE featured Uncle MC Zuma Dogg on Friday January 23, 2009 in their segment about public access, based on the LA Weekly article. See the video here at