Thursday, January 29, 2009

CITIZEN'S ALERT: California To Suffer Massive Water Crisis in '09 As Sierra Snow Cap Levels Drop by 61%!!!

For the past two years, Zuma Dogg has been warning Los Angeles City Council ON THE RECORD that their high density "Smart Growth" (it's DUMB) will be placing too high a demand on the local water supply and it will cause a complete water crisis and drive the cost of water up so high, a family will have to dramatically cut down on dishwashing, showers, laundry. And those Arrowhead bottled waters will be like mini barrels of oil.

We've seen the effects and heard Governor Sissynegger declare a water crisis recently, but a report just hit the airwaves that the Sierra Snow Cap level is down 61%, this year, and you will be hearing immediate alerts about this, and like a lot of things recently, we will be adjusting to the crisis that low water levels will be causing here in L.A. for the first time.