Sunday, August 24, 2008

LA City News (Sunday Morning News Scan)

Los Angeles police were looking for three gang suspects in the shooting death of one man and the wounding of another in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles Sunday, a police spokesperson said. Two men, about 20 years old, were standing in the 4600 block of Venice Boulevard about 1:20 a.m. when the suspects walked up and at least one opened fire, said Los Angeles police spokesperson Norma Eisenman.

Officials are still on the scene investigating a deadly shooting on Venice Blvd.

via Zuma's LA Daily Blog by (zuma dogg) on 8/24/08
Oh no...the City of Los Angeles wants Zuma Dogg and everyone else to take mass transit more often, but when I tried to take it today, I couldn't sit down at the bus stop, and there were people...

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via News by (Rachel Uranga, Staff Writer) on 8/23/08
The Los Angeles Police Department, criticized in high-profile abuse cases from the Rodney King beating in 1991 to the May Day melee last year, is dramatically changing its disciplinary system and doing away with automatic punishment for officers who break the rules.

via SacBee -- Opinion by (Daniel Weintraub) on 8/24/08
Sacramento politicians struggling to win support for a tax increase to finance a new fight against gang violence might want to look toward San Jose. That city has found some success by making the most of community-based programs relying on shoe leather and street smarts, and relatively little public money.

Increased premiums for low-income families are expected to put the program out of reach for many. A new Medi-Cal policy is also expected to cut enrollees, further weakening the healthcare system.

California's promising strides toward extending medical coverage to all its children, a longtime goal of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and one advocates believed was in reach by decade's end, has stalled -- and thousands of kids are in danger of losing insurance.