Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LA City News - HEADLINES - 8.26.08 (5AM Update)

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via L.A. Times - Business on 8/26/08
Production was ramped up in anticipation of a possible actors strike, with most big-budget movies for next year wrapping by June 30.

If not for an epic struggle between alien robots, the streets of Los Angeles might be devoid of major studio drama.

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NORTHRIDGE - As California Attorney General Jerry Brown rolled out medical-marijuana guidelines Monday, state agents wrapped up a rare dispensary bust in which the owner of a Northridge pot shop and an associate were arrested.

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The union that represents Los Angeles police officers filed an appeal Monday to block a judge's decision that would let the LAPD impose financial disclosure measures designed to root out corrupt anti-gang and narcotics officers.

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A massive $800 million proposed development in Universal City that would include a new home for NBC studios would add at least 14,000 car trips per day to the already clogged southeast San Fernando Valley,

via L.A. Times - Business on 8/26/08
A state Assembly panel backs a surcharge for the proposed Climate Change Research and Workforce Development Institute.

With this year's legislative session in its final days, lawmakers Monday unveiled a bill mandating new fees from electricity ratepayers to fund a University of California-run global warming research center.