Friday, August 22, 2008

LA City News 8.22.09 (4pm Update)

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Mariel Garza moves up to editor of the editorial pages at the Daily News in Woodland Hills. Oscar Garza, formerly the editor of Tu Ciudad...

Grand Avenue Drenched in Misdirection via LA Weekly By Tibby Rothman

It's the "most complicated design ... L.A. has ever seen," Witte says. In addition, he says, they needed more time to deal with the unexpected soaring costs of materials. "Nothing would give me more pleasure than to say that this thing's a crock and it's going to die, but I don't think it's true," says one real estate expert familiar with the Grand. Because Related strikes so many public/private deals with other city halls across the country, it can't be seen as abandoning a flagship project. "They can't be perceived to be 'walking away,'" the expert notes. "What does strike me," he warns, "is that the pattern of this project has been to ask for progressively more public support and assistance."

Daily News Griffith Park Preservation Poll...The "Ayes" Have It!

Not that this is a scientific poll, but when you see 90% one way, or the other (on a legitimate sample of this size), it's worth noting Councilmember Tom The Bong: Q: Do you think Griffith Park...

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Here’s a quick and easy way to support Griffith Park. The LA Daily News is running a poll TODAY ONLY. You can vote to support Griffith Park’s Historic-Cultural Monument designation.

Scroll about half way down the page. It’s on the left side, Friday’s Online Poll.

Please vote to support the park!

During the three-day operation, police also paired with church groups in a door-to-door effort to encourage residents to report crime.

Police announced today that 85 were arrested during a three-day sweep targeting gangs in Santa Ana.

New legislation helps police track down people who raid recycling bins or steal newspapers from newsstands.

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THE CLOSING BELL -- UP 198: Wall Street capped a volatile week with sharp gains Friday as oil prices tumbled and after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said inflation pressures are likely to moderate. NYSE, NASDAQ