Friday, August 29, 2008

LA City News - 08.29.08 - 10 AM

via Business by (The Associated Press) on 8/28/08
Preparations for a possible actors strike may have caused on-location feature film shoots in Los Angeles to decline in the past two months, according to a local permitting agency.

via LA Observed by Kevin Roderick on 8/29/08
Newsom spoke to California Democrats at the convention in Denver, then walked off the podium and down the hall with a trail of paparazzi, while Villaraigosa marched past. The two did not even look at each other. Newsom not only delivered the speech of a man running for governor, he killed.

(Newsom said things like) "If we can do it in San Francisco, let me promise you, we can do it in the state of California." Or: "I promise you. We have evidence. This is not an assertion, this is not another political speech. I will show you how it's done. We have done it in San Francisco. It can be done anywhere." And get a load of this zinger: "I appreciate some people wanting to take over school districts; I certainly respect the desire for change, but we decided to do it differently. We decided to build a partnership with our public schools." Was he talking about anyone in particular?
Greene posts audio files at Opinion L.A. so you can rate the two mayors' talks yourself.

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McCain picks Sarah Palin as running mate from - Top Stories Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has picked reform-minded Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential...

Go to for full story.

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Blog: His program could benefit a wide range of U.S. companies

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Ever since it was revealed that the prison guards union was once again using its muscle to secure a pay hike at the end of this legislative session, Sen. President Pro Tem Don Perata has declined to comment.

via News by (George B. Sánchez, Staff Writer) on 8/28/08
Welcoming administrators back to school Thursday, Los Angeles Unified Superintendent David Brewer III outlined new measures to track student performance and urged educators to work harder to improve test scores.

via Business by (Rick Orlov, Staff Writer) on 8/28/08
Attorney Stuart Waldman was tapped Thursday to be president of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association, succeeding Brendan Huffman as head of the business advocacy group.

via Business by (Gregory J. Wilcox, Staff Writer) on 8/28/08
For the second time this week, a real-estate tracker has reported that San Fernando Valley home prices dropped about 30 percent in July from a year earlier as the market wallowed in foreclosures.

16 Arrested In LA Graffiti Crackdown

Tagging the taggers, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies have arrested at least 16 people they suspect of causing more than $1 million in graffiti damage. Authorities raided more than a dozen locations in Los Angeles,
Orange and Riverside counties before dawn on Thursday.

State lawmakers are getting closer to approving the budget.

Airline service workers on strike at LAX returned to work Friday morning.